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Victory In the
No-Go Zone

by: Gary McHale


Victory In the No-Go Zone
by: Gary McHale

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Item #: 9781927684030

Freedom Press Canada

"McHale was not as advertised – nothing like it -- and the reason he seems so foreign, even odd, is because he’s that rarest of modern Canadian creatures – a man who acts on principle, lives and breathes it in fact. In our collective defense, there are so few of these folks around it’s little wonder we’re suspicious of them. The McHales gave up so much in what might be called, though it’s a bit of a stretch, the fight for a free Caledonia – financial security, the trappings of an ordinarily comfortable, if not affluent, life – in exchange for permanent poverty, vilification by the state and a generally sleepy press, and arrest and harassment by the OPP."

Christie Blatchford
Columnist for National Post and Postmedia Network
"Canadians believe that racism, supported by the law, is a legacy of the South - the American South and South Africa. That’s history. But the ugliness of institutional racism, supported by the police and the provincial government, is alive and thriving in Southern Ontario. How much longer will we accept ugly racism staining this nation? The story of Caledonia is one that has been ignored by most of the media, to their shame. This story will anger you and it should provoke you to action."

Jerry Agar
talk host on Newstalk1010 Toronto
"Caledonia” will forever remain an icon of shame in the annals of Canadian justice. This book takes us behind the scenes, providing step-by-step insight into OPP operations, as they and their political masters consciously chose political correctness over the rule of law and the security of Canadian citizens. Gary McHale is the only player in this long, sordid drama to emerge with honour. He is a Canadian hero."

Barbara Kay
Columnist for National Post

Victory In the No-Go Zone: Winning the Fight Against Two-Tier Policing

by: Gary McHale

McHale is that rarest of modern Canadian creatures – a man
who acts on principle, lives and breathes it in fact.

Christie Blatchford,
Columnist for National Post

About the book
Our values of Freedom, Equality and the Rule of Law are quickly sacrificed on the altar of political correctness whenever the special interests of favoured groups are at stake. Caledonia is all about how the Ontario Provincial Police violated the fundamental trust that we, as citizens, place in our police forces: thousands of families lived in fear because "Public Safety" became a mere political buzz word while the full resources of the state were used to silence the victims’ voices. This book exposes the corruption of race-based policing while demonstrating how average citizens can take back control when the system fails.

About the author
Gary McHale has a strong belief in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s approach of direct action and peaceful protest, sharing his goal that someday all people will be judged by the strength of their character and not the colour of their skin. He has received death threats from Native protesters and has been assaulted numerous times in the presence of OPP officers. He was the victim of a vicious smear campaign by OPP leadership and sued for $7.1 million by officers. He has been arrested illegally nine times without a single case making it to trial. Yet, in the end, the court would order OPP Commissioners Julian Fantino and Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis to face criminal charges for their actions regarding McHale.

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